What 4 things a florist needs from you when you order flowers for delivery


 Having a display arranged by a florist is done with plenty of style, art creation and fresh flowers stock.
To ensure a smooth transaction from ordering to delivery, there are few tips to ensure there are no hiccups and that as a sending customer, you are happy.  With special dates like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day,  it is also important to make note of the following points. Our couriers will be working extra busy to ensure all orders are out on time and in perfect condition.

1. Address. A full address is best to provide a florist to ensure our professional Adelaide courier service doesn’t have a problem delivering. If you are having a gift basket or fresh flowers delivered to a business, please ensure you add this in your address notes.DSC_0659

2. Phone number, We don’t like to phone a recipient and spoil their surprise, but sometimes this is needed when our courier has a problem. Rest assured though, if we do need to ring your loved one or friend, we don’t tell them what is coming, but rather mention that a delivery is coming to them.  Phone numbers are especially needed for lot number addresses and hard to find locations.  DSCF0799

3. Will there be anyone home?  Our couriers don’t like to leave flowers and gifts unless the house is safe to do so. Many people work through the day and this can be an issue with leaving flowers if the veranda has no protection from rain and also if it is very hot. Unsafe locations and suburbs can also create an issue for leaving a gift unattended. To avoid this we will leave a calling card for the recipient or attempt to leave the gift with a neighbour.  If you know the movement of the person you are sending the gift, let your florist know in advance so we can arrange a suitable time with the receiver.  .

 Note. If you know the house for delivery and there is a locked gate or something else which may cause a problem with delivery, it is handy to let your florist know. We can then contact the recipient by phone to arrange a suitable delivery time. If you are looking at sending a gift of fresh flowers to a hospital, check that receiver will be hospital at the time. We like to phone a hospital first as this is one address we often have a problem with. When someone has had a new baby, it is common now for the new mum to go home within 24 hours of giving birth. Patients can sometimes also be transferred to another hospital on rare occasions.  Returning flowers to the base can sometimes incur extra charges where multiple attempts are made or if a wrong address is given.

4. Does the client have any allergies?  Not all flowers suit everyone. Some people have a problem with pollens. Flowers to avoid would be lilies, perfumed stock, chamomile, chrysanthemums, daisies, chamomile, dahlias, sunflowers and asters. https://www.sassymamasg.com/7-flowers-avoid-allergy-prone/  Just let your local Adelaide florist know if you are unsure or if it is a sensitive issue. Florists will work with blooms which will be free from pollen and likely to create a reaction. With so many flowers to choose from, there is always something stunning for everyone. Keep to flowers like gerberas, the safe lily variety, orchids, carnations, tulips and iris’ to name a few.

lolly box with a cuddly toy

lolly box with a cuddly toy


 As a florist, we specialise in making our clients happy and like to offer that one on one professional service. This is also where Adelaide florists are different from a supermarket chain.  Your personal florist will go that extra mile to ensure your gift suits your occasion and the flowers you send are also fresh and of the highest quality.

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