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The Saatva mattress is the best mattress brand that has ever existed among all other mattress brands.Saatva means purity and so are the mattresses they offer.Saatva is an online company that is based in the United States. The company has a total of eighteen factories in the United States. The mattresses from this brand are unique and cannot be compared to mattresses from other brands.Beds from this brand are made to last from ten to twenty years. To prove that this brand is the best, it appeared on Forbes and BestMattres4you Reviews in the list of most promising companies. The Saatva brand offers a warranty of fifteen years, a trial period of seventy-five days and the funds are refundable.

Features of mattresses from the Saatva brand

1.   Wrapped Comfort Coils – Each mattress has coils at its top. These coils contour and respond to all body shapes.

2. Double Perimeter Support System at the Edges – This has been created to ensure more sleep surface and durability of the mattress. This is a quality found only in the best mattresses.

3. Lumbar Support improvement – This support enhancement is made up of quality foam layer which provides a pressure relief as it reduces tension and stress from the back.

4. Steel Base Support - These mattresses have a lower coil base that increases the durability of the mattress and it prevents sagging of the mattress.

5. A Euro Pillow Top and Cotton Cover – This type of pillow top offers more cushioning and wadding than what is found in most pillow tops. Furthermore, these materials are found under the outer covering thus they look cleaner. Other than this brand making quality mattress, it also ensures that its prices are affordable to the consumer. Saatva delivers its mattresses to their customers at a discount of 70% as compared to other stores. They eliminate the costs such as commissions, utilities, and rent. Saatva is the best brand since it is also reliable. One can order a mattress from any part of the world and the mattress is delivered to them in good timing.

Of late, a lot of attention is being raised on allergic reactions in beddings. Saatva has taken this seriously and it addresses it through the kind of mattresses they create. Their foam is not processed using irritating solutions; furthermore, its foams are tested to make sure they meet health, environmental, and safety standards.

On top of that, Saatva mattresses are usually hand crafted. Immediately after being handcrafted they are packaged in special plastics which not only enable the beddings to breath but also prevent the beddings from coming into contact with foreign particles. Additionally, the mattress is delivered in a way that assures your mattress is free from bedbugs.

This type of mattresses are the best, they cannot be compared to other types of mattresses.

With the mattresses being the best, the brand automatically becomes the best also.

The Saatva mattresses are of high quality, affordable, and healthy. The company services are reliable. If someone cared about their sleep, they would invest with the Saatva company since they would not be disappointed.

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