Care for flowers

An Arrangement with oasis

All flowers need to be watered regularly and recommended daily or enough to ensure that the oasis (sponge) is wet and is surrounded by some water. (don’t overfill)

Bouquet of flowers

All flowers in a bouquet should have their stems trimmed before you put them in water. This re-opens the drinking vessels in the stems and allows the flower to absorb the water more freely and help prolong the life of your flowers.

General Care

  • Flowers generally last between 3-7 days and even longer with long lasting blooms. To ensure your flowers get the most out of their lifespan they need to be treated with care and watered.  Keep your flowers in a cool place and away from draughts, direct heat and sunlight and also heat appliances.
  • Remove any dead blooms from your arrangement to ensure the life of the remaining flowers is prolonged.
  • Ethylene gas released during the natural ripening process of specific fruits and vegetables can increases the rate at which flowers deteriorate, therefore do not place your flowers near a fruit bowl. 


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